Paid Parking Revised Framework Presentation

Presentation for the February 19, 2019 City Council Meeting.

Paid Parking Proposal: Triangle Sub Area (Map)

Proposal for Triangle Sub Area.

Paid Parking Proposal: North Hollis Sub Area (Map)

Proposal for North Hollis Sub Area.

Draft Plan

October 12, 2018

City Council Meeting 7/24/18: Resolution of Adopting Draft Parking Management Plan

Materials for the July 24, 2018 City Council session agenda item for resolution of adopting the Draft Parking Management Plan.

Staff Report

City Staff Report recommending City Council adopt the Draft Parking Management Plan.

Phasing Plan

Plan showing the three-phase implementation of the Parking Management Plan.

Draft Parking Management Plan

The latest revised Draft Parking Management Plan.

Permitting Areas

Map showing locations of residential and business permitting areas across the city.

Financial Analysis

Financial analysis for the revised Parking Management Plan including permitting pricing and phasing.

City Council Study Session (6/19/2018)

Materials from the City Council Study Session on June 19, 2018.

City Council Study Session Presentation

Access the presentation given to City Council for the Emeryville Parking Management Plan Update during the study session.

City Staff Report

Staff report recommending City Council provide direction on Draft Parking Management Plan.

City Staff Report - Attachment A

Attachment A of Staff Report.

Fact Sheet

Fact sheet summarizing the Draft Recommendations for the Emeryville Parking Management Plan Update.

Draft Emeryville Parking Management Plan (4/17/2018)

Review the detailed report of the Draft Emeryville Parking Management Plan.

Draft Existing Conditions Report and Survey Summary

Access the Draft Existing Conditions Report for the Emeryville Parking Management Plan Update and a summary of the online Emeryville Parking Survey (conducted in winter of 2017) about parking usage, preferences, and attitudes from business and property owners, residents, employees and visitors in Emeryville.

Draft Recommendations Report

Review the detailed report of the Draft Recommendations for the Emeryville Parking Management Plan Update and associated maps.

Draft Financial Analysis Report

Review the report explaining the costs and revenues for the Emeryville Parking Management Plan.

2010 Parking Management Study Report

View documents of the 2010 Parking Management Study that this Parking Management Implementation Plan will be based on.

City Council Report (September 5th, 2017)

The 9/5 City Council staff report explains background of the Emeryville Parking Management Implementation Plan project and the approved scope of work for the consultant team that will be supporting City staff.

City's Existing Residential Parking Program

Current Residential Preferential Parking (RPP) Policy

Parking Permit Program Petition

Access the Parking Permit Program Petition document required as a part of the City’s existing Parking Permit Program.